Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

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Wedding and Funeral Celebrant

The celebrant is not the centre of attention in any ceremony. Her job is to link the various elements and themes and lead the witnesses/congregation through the ceremony. Her role is to seamlessly create a sacred space. She uses craft, pace and heart, and is there to ‘hold’ the energy and provide a safe container for what may emerge. This is a role of leadership, but ego needs to be left behind. A good leader leads without people realising they’re following. Her job is to offer structure—like the spine—to the ceremony. It is important that she sets her intention, and that she asks herself “What does this ceremony mean?”
~ Extracted from The Blessingway, by Veronika Sophia Robinson

Words have always been at the centre of my life – both the spoken and the written word. I’ve worked as an actor, writer, broadcaster, master of ceremonies and singer. And as a celebrant, I bring the written and spoken word together for a sacred beginning, and end. In the quote above it says ‘The celebrant is not the centre of attention in any ceremony’. I believe this to be true; and yet the celebrant is the heartbeat of it, subtly bringing all the elements together to do justice to the occasion. As well as the getting feeling of the occasion right, I have a tremendous eye for detail. I’ll leave no stone unturned to achieve the best for you.

As an independent celebrant, I’m not restricted by religion, custom, time or place. The ceremonies I write are based on what is important to you, whether that is religious, spiritual, holistic, humorous, symbolic or other. I’m able to offer you a vast selection of readings and poems to choose from, or you may provide your own.

Not only am I trained in voice and speech, part of my background is as a counsellor, so I’m a very good listener, which enables me to create, with your guidance, a ceremony unique to you that will touch the heart of everyone present.

I’m available to officiate weddings, handfastings, renewal of vows, same-sex unions, namings, funerals, memorials, and peaceful divorce.