Voice-Over Artist

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Voice-Over Artist

I’ve done thousands of radio and television voice overs: corporate; close-mic sexy reads; retail; hard sell; lip-syncing to replace the voice on another actor/presenter’s work; a wide array of character voices, accents – and some impersonations, too. Being a trained, experienced professional actor, an award-winning commercial radio presenter, and a trained singer means I’m very well-equipped for voice-over work – not only achieving just the right feel for a read, but also getting the meaning of the writer’s carefully crafted words across to the listener. As well as voice overs for advertising agencies and radio stations, I’ve done many TV promos; all the voices (both straight and character) for New Zealand’s Funniest Home Videos; and for several years I was the God Voice for all of TV1’s news programs.

Working from my home studio here in north-west England, I can link to recording facilities around the world, with broadcast-quality audio – using Source-Connect Standard or Source-Connect Now. That means I can record directly into a studio of your choice; or I can record your tracks in my studio, and send them to you by Dropbox, email, and so on. You can direct me, using Skype; or if you prefer, you can send directions via email. My rates are reasonable and realistic. You can contact me at paulyrobinson@hotmail.com (+44) (0)1768 897 121, 44 (0)7469 957 199, or get in touch with Marion or Mark at Voices Direct. Bookings@VoicesDirect.com.au Phone: +61 404 221 056.

The VoiceZam media player allows you to choose which of my demos you want to play, and to click from track to track, and within each track.

A huge thank-you and thumbs-up to the brilliant purple planet royalty free music for Web Film TV

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