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About Me

Hi, I’m Paul Robinson, and as you can see, I’m not the guy in Neighbours – or the former England goalkeeper. I’m a man of many parts, most of which are still working! All my life I’ve been fascinated by voices, which naturally led to my several careers as a professional performer. I once had a week in which I spent three mornings recording a radio play; six evenings performing in a stage play; five afternoons rehearsing and singing in the next stage play – (it was a musical); a ventriloquist show for a birthday party; a weekend show on a commercial-radio station; and I somehow managed to squeeze in a couple of voice-over sessions in-between. The only thing I didn’t manage to fit into that week was some compèring. If it involves talking or singing, I’m as happy as Larry – and you know what a cheerful feller he is!

I spent a lot of my time in New Zealand, where I met my wife, Veronika, and where my four daughters were born. I’m happy now in the Cumbrian countryside (in the far north of England, if you’re not from these parts), but I sure do miss the New Zealand sunshine. I’m equally at home with my native English RP, and accents from the UK and around the world – which of course includes New Zealand and Australian.